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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7

Your patient's name: Brendan Sheere
Your Pokemon team: Blaziken, Flareon, Alakazam
Your power/ability: The power to create and manipulate fire. The combination of Alakazam and his fire Pokemon somehow gave him this ability..
Description/Picture of your trainer: Brendan is somewhat tall and well fit. He has long, smooth dirty blond hair. A sort of ashy color in it also. His eyes are a combination of brown with a brilliant dark green near the center of them. He wears a black leather jacket over a dark red tee-shirt. Stone washed, light blue jeans, with tears in the knees. He has a habit of losing his temper at times, but can also be very sweet and kindhearted. He befriends other people very easily and gets along with his Pokemon just as well.

Your description doesn't have to be very informative. I'm not going to suck out EVERYTHING about your trainer. So make it short and sweet. :]
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