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Default The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7


Seven children lay in a hospital coma, unaware of where they are. They can't see, they can't feel, they cannot do anything. They lay there, in the shadows, with no one to comfort them. Why would they need someone to do so anyway? They're dead... A scientist comes near, his hand clenched around a needle. A bright, unknown, blue liquid bubbling inside of it. He inserts it carefully into the veins of the child. Now all he can do is wait. Slowly, you reawaken, wondering where you are. WHO you are.

As they cry out in agonizing pain, they're insides burning, they slowly begin to recover. The damage caused by who knows what, is still unknown to the scientist. More scientists come in to find out whats behind the damages inflicted on the children. Even THEY are baffled by what has happened. They discover that these children each have a strange ability, if you will, that somehow connects to their team of Pokemon. Each power RELATED to their Pokemon.

That's how it all began...this is where you come in. You must choose what ability you have. Be creative. :]
It is time to start your journey and find out what has happened to you. WHO did this to you. You are to awaken in a hospital, only to hear groans and screams coming from the other rooms. Your're also curious.

Sign up-

Your patient's name:
Your Pokemon team:
Your power/ability:
Description/Picture of your trainer:

There IS no story of your trainer, which is the point of this RP. YOU are to set out with the other patients and journey with them. You are to either befriend or become enemies with these patients. It's your choice.

Yes, this is a revival of my old thread, on my old file. And it seems much better now. I just loved it a lot, and I want to start anew with it.

White Wolf of the Snow [ACCEPTED]
Crystal Momoiya [ACCEPTED]
KittenGirl2000 [Reserved]
Draco Boy0 [ACCEPTED]
The Frozen Prince [ACCEPTED]
sir_Aaron [ACCEPTED]
Queenie Beanie [ACCEPTED]

Alternative- metal sonic [Still Pending]
I'm changing the reserve time. I'll just decide later on, like, in a day or so. Good luck to all of you.
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