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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

OOC: Hey, I'm changing my race to a werewolf. If that's a problem, just tell/Pm me.

Alexander Black

Alex ran, feeling the rind run through his fur as he dashed through the forest, hardly aware of anything around him. He remembered reading the book 'Twilight,' and snickered at how close they were to the truth. He saw a clearing up ahead as he shook the thoughts out of his head, and heard a babbling brook with his super senses. He stopped and changed back to human form, checking his belt to see if he had lost anything on his way. He walked to thecreek and cupped his hands for a refreshing drink. thump A sound so light, Alex wouldn't have heard it if it weren't for his bimorphous powers. He slowly stood up, and with the grace of a fox, he pulled his sword and twisted a 180. He slowly let his mouth drop as he realized that the creature before him was a magnificent beast, one he had seen long ago: a gryphon.

Why, hello, child, the creature breathed, not quite speaking, nor reaching the mind either. I see you have grown since we first met.

"Who are y- wait, what," Alex asked, suddenly feeling ill. "Y-you are my Affinite Bond?"

Yes, and I've come back to aid you for the rest of your life, it spoke. Alex was dazed, and suddenly remembered his manners, racking his brain for the right thing to say and mention.

"Your name is Kradra, right," Alex asked carefully, not meaning to offend the creature in any way.

That is correct, Kradra nodded, making Alex feel secure. You know, you are the first Bond who has remembered that.

"Well, I guess you may have realized that I am a werewolf now," Alex responded casually.

Yes, your mind has been itching to tell me, he responded more casually. Oh, great, Alex thought, Eragon has similarities, too.

Alas, I have a gift for you! The gryphon turned his feathery neck to reveal a cloud leopard the size of a cow.

"Woah, that's a big cat," Alex said, dumbfounded by the sheer size of the animal. Well that's a little mean! The thought struck him even more stupid, but he regained himself when he remembered the one thing Twilight didn't have: the ability to read ANIMAL minds.

Sorry, I didn't mean it like that, Alex explained.

Apology accepted. Now that we know each other, my name is Cleo. And you are?

Alex, nice to make your acquaintance, he thought politely.

Well, not to break things up, but we need to go, Kradra invaded. Your comrades are waiting at the lake. Shall you ride me?

Woah, that's sounds fun, Alex thought, his mind made. "Sure, let's go," He shouted as he jumped onto his friend's back, now ready for the war yet to come.

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