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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

"Mail call!"

Defahn woke up instantly at the shout outside the door, coupled with the slight rapping. She nearly forgot where she was, but it all came rushing back. She had run away from the Sky Elves' mountain home to avenge her parents' deaths. It had lead nearly nowhere, so she took a rest at a small village's inn, costing her a bit of gold, but it was all she needed.

She reached under the bed for the belt-bag, sheath, and quiver she had hidden the night before. To her relief, they were still there.

You can never trust humans, Defahn thought with a scowl, remembering the odd looks the people gave her the night before. They all seemed so shocked to have an elf in their city, as though she was a monster.

She prepared to leave and continue her journey, nearly forgetting her letter. The short, mustached man at the counter reminded her, and gave her a scroll.

"I have news for you." were the only words printed on the parchment. They were written in a print that seemed as though it were marked with a claw. One name instantly rang in her mind as she read the letter: Koth. The gryphon that saved her life when she fell off the mountain, the one that gave her power over weather.

She quickly ran outside and saw the great winged beast, standing proudly. It squacked a greeting, which only she was able to translate with the bond the two had developed.

"Greetings. Now, the news I have is something that I thought would be important to your quest: The ones you seek are in Lake Huron. It's a large number, but it's only scraping the surface, so your quest will not end there, but it's a good start." He informed her, laying down to allow her to mount safely.

"Hold on." He said, taking off into the bright blue sky to their destination.

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