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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

((Oh cool it's here!))

Aislinn sat in the middle of the clearing, cross-legged, her grey eyes closed. From the way of her calmness, one could infer that she was sleeping while sitting up, if that was possible. All across the clearing all of the plants and flowers and even the trees seemed in better condition that the rest of the woods. The trees were tall and straight and imeperial, the flowers bloomed brighter flowers, and the various hearbs and greenery made emeralds look dull. A nearby elm rustled its leaves, yet there was no wind. Aislinn opened her eyes immediatly afterward, revealing a pair of empty grey eyes that gave her the appearance of a lifeless corpse.

"They tell me that there is a large number of Distortion in Lake Huron." She spoke into the silence. "No doubt we will have to go there."

"That we must." A deep male voice answered her, and a magnificent gryphon stepped into view. His golden fur and feathers caught the sunlight and lit up like a glowing bronze statue. "There will be a battle there," the gryphon said matter-of-factly, "we must be there."

Aislinn smiled at her Affinite bonded. "Should we tell Vyala and Chibi? Or should we wait for them to get back?"

"No need," Valcrist said, lifting his awesome eagle head. "They're back now."

As if to prove his point, a large green dragon suddenly swooped overhead. A brief shadow fell across the clearing as the giant creature blocked out the sun's light, and then it flew of, twisting in mid-air to land in the forest. Something could be seen on its back. Moments later, Chibi leaped into the clearing like a little kid on a sugar rush, seconds later, the huge draconian head of Vyala snaked its way through the trees. The ruby eyes wre tinged slightly with amusement at the half-fox's antics.

"When're we leaving?" Chibi asked excitedly, her fox tail brushing the tips of the flowers. "We can feel it too."

"Right now." Valcrist told them, standing up. Aislinn leaped onto his back and Chibi went back onto Vyala's. Both creatures unfurled their wings and shot into the sky, following the direction towards their innded landing place.
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