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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

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Remidra shrugged, teeth grinding silently behind pale lips in frustration. Frustrated as she may be, it was well kept, hidden behind a placid, emotionless face of stone. Only the slightest bit of contempt hung in her crystalline eyes.

“Do you wish to tempt the Queen any further to banishing you?”

“The Queen has no grounds to banish me, only that my ill-kept council men seem to always disagree with what I have to say” she stated firmly, her lips puckering in distaste, though the feeling reached nowhere else in her face.

“Maybe they have good reason to disagree?” he kept going, pushing Remidra’s thinning patience.

A somewhat hysteric and insane laugh escaped her lips, brief, in a short burst before slowly dying as her eyes hardened. “Maybe they disagree because I am nothing but a kid to them, to the ancients I am a infant, ruling over them. How would that make you feel if someone half your age had power over you? A seat that you envied?” her voice was no more then a whisper. She needed to keep quiet, or else they would draw attention to themselves. Remidra did not need that.

“Well, I guess when you put it that way… But I mean you could still cut the queen a break, I mean she is you-” A hand whipped over his mouth and he was on the ground, Remidra leaning over him.

“The past is the past. Disowning is forever. Now quite, I do not as easily fit in around humans as you do…” she removed her foot from his torso and brought his chair back to a standing position.

It was musty and tinted red, they were sitting at a back table of a human restaurant. Remidra’s partner, or rather more of a babysitter, resumed his position opposite of her. He looked to be 30 to humans, though still insanely gifted with inhuman beauty. He was not a night-elf like Remidra. He had bright blonde hair and brown eyes, and his ears were not as pointed as hers. He could fit in seamlessly.

Remidra on the other hand had black-wavy hair, startling neon blue eyes, odd features and lips. Not to mention her finger-nails were pointed and black. Or that her face was clearly not human in anyway. She bit her lower lip and ducked deeper into her hood, a shadow thrown across her features.

“No, you don’t fit in, even amongst elves” he grinned.

It was true, Remidra got a odd pair of genes. She crossed her legs and frowned, she would have much rather been back with the council discussing the matter of the intrusive, yet harmless, humans. But she needed a break from the other’s. They were wearing on her patience and at any moment she could snap and all her emotions would come pouring out of her. Then she would be crying and raging for 12 hours straight, and who wanted 20 years of bottled emotions flowing out? No one. that’s who.

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