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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

OOC: Sweet, it started!

Alexander Black
Town Hotel

Alexander checked his post office box and found some old-looking scroll poking out from all of the others. He didn't care about the other ten items that were placed within the box, shutting while staring at the scroll, not even looking to walk up the stairs. He walked up to his room, sitting down on the large bed, just starting to open the mysterious letter. A moment later, he was pacing across the room, rethinking his choices. Well, I can stay and be safe from any fights at all, he though, running over the wussy decision. Or, I can be one of the heroes and find more people like me. He sat back down and clutched his long, black hair. Well, I guess I need to fight, Alex thought again. Time to leave.

Alex gathered all of his swords, including his extra ones. Just in case, he thought. Better safe than sorry after all. He walked out of the hotel and left a tip on the counter. He then ran towards the place that would spark his place in the war...

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