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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

(OOC: I came here to post, then realized I didn't know my character's name and had to go back to check the SU. ;_;)

Kiron bent over the shoddy wood desk desk, examining the piece of paper in front of him closely. The only light in the room came from a small candle by his side. But instead of the flickering light characteristic of flame, it gave a soft, steady yellow glow. Nevertheless, the light it gave was feeble, and it cast dark shadows over the spartan conditions of the log cabin.

On the paper was a table of various factors that affect the mine's productivity. Kiron studied them closely with his single golden eye. The other was covered by an eyepatch.

Stretching his wings, Kiron yawned widely. Administrative duties were so boring. He had grown up accustomed to war. First having to move from place to place and deal with the constant shudderings of distant bombs. Then to hearing news of dead relatives and friends. Then joining the SAG and having to kill himself. Finally, becoming accustomed to pain, even feeding off of it, a skill learned during his torture sessions with Zamiero. It was those sessions that was the reason why he wore an eye patch.

Kiron decided he needed to go outside to stretch his wings. Opening the log cabin's door, the first thing outside was the forest, and then, the mine. A metallic cave laced with wood, it was one of many that were the new source of supplies for the Angel civilization.

The sky suddenly darkened, and Kiron looked up. Hovering in the sky was the Angel Sky Dreadnought, Rhapsody. It was the last of its kind, a member of the class of the largest, most heavily armored and armed battleships ever created. A massive vessel, it had enough firepwoer and could hold enough troops to occupy an entire city.

Of course, now it was completely harmless. Its weapons had been scrapped, taken and recycled for the valuable metals they were made of. There was no need for such light-cannons in a time of peace and reconstruction.

Peace. Kiron wondered if his life would ever know peace. Regardless, he stretched his enormous white wings and flapped. A gust of wind blew around him, and within seconds he was airborne. Underneath him glittered the waters of Lake Michigan and the green carpet of the forests.

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