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Originally Posted by Arate View Post
Tell me, have you ever heard of anyone who likes being in jail?

It's big enough penalty to be sealed away from the outer world, knowing you're probably one of the most unpopular people on the planet.
Then why do so many people go right back to their criminal ways after getting out?

No, I don't support the death penalty, but life in prison sounds like a pretty good punishment for a lot of people. And I absolutely think that we're much too nice in a lot of prisons.

I really don't put much importance on the issue of the death penalty, since it pales in comparison to a lot of other issues out there that need to be fixed coughabortioncough. But this isn't the place to talk about that. Looking at this issue on its own, I don't think that taking someone's life is the right thing to do as punishment, but I'm not going to cry over someone who's murdered numerous people, among other crimes.

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