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Default Re: Death Penalty

Originally Posted by spid3r View Post
Well seeing how federal state prisons allow the convicts access to many things you'd be surprised how good the have it. Internet access, books, weight rooms. Even the ability to be educated. It's not worth it, they get off so easy.
Not to mention how much all of that crap costs. We shouldn't give murderers or child molesting scum free access to these things, while we have to pay for them.

Originally Posted by Splishee View Post
Hang on: I'm seeing a lot of people here backing up the Death Penalty under the claim that "getting rid of them is cheaper for Americans" or something along those lines.

Um... wtf? Seriously, if you guys are more concerned about your money than the value of a human life - no matter how despicable the acts that person may have committed - you seriously need to get your morals sorted out.
Tell that to the criminals. They didn't value their victims' lives, or their own for that matter. If they're not going to respect others' right to life, why should we respect theirs?

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