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Default Re: The Pokemon Highschool [SU][Temp SU closing]

-waves magical spork-

Name: Juliebelle Lochett

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Height and Weight: 5' 4'' and 118lbs

Appearance: Julibelle has a long mane of purple wavy (kind of frizzy) hair, that reaches to about her lower back. Her eyes are hazel green, and she usually dresses in bright colours and skirts/dresses. She has a sparkly pure silver ribbon that she ties up to keep her bangs back, revealing her forehead. As a sort of charm, on the silver ribbon there is her mother's first contest ribbon attached.

Background Story/History: Belle lives in Hearthome City, Sinnoh, mostly because her mother is Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader. Along with her mother, Belle used to live in a region much more north of Sinnoh, where it was dreadfully cold. Soon enough, Fantina brought her three year old daughter and herself to Sinnoh, where they lived in Snowpoint for a short period of time; while Fantina powered up her pokemon, wanting to have a better life for her daughter. Of course, Fantina reached her goal, and was granted the position of the gym leader of the contest capital. Growing up, Belle was surrounded by contests and coordinating, along with dancing as her mother loved the hobby. At the age of twelve, Belle decided she wouldn't become a trainer like all the other kids her age. Instead she would work to become a top Coordinator, just like her mother. Soon, Belle went to the Pokemon Highschool, thinking that this was a perfect way of building her dream.

Personality: Ever since Belle was a child, she was fascinated by dancing; mostly ballet. Today, it is now her favourite thing in the world, right next to Pokemon contests. She frequently performs a dance routine in the midst of her contests, her pokemon usually imitating her. She’s very carefree and often dozes off in her own daydreams, and is rarely paying attention to anything her teachers are saying. Mysteriously, she somehow still manages to pass every class with flying colours. Many people think Belle is psychotic, for several reasons that would very much take up this entire post. She’s generally very quiet, and only speaks with her Pokemon and other friends and family. It’s her actions that freak people out. When she does speak, though, it’s either because she feels the need to state the obvious, or if she’s planning revenge and/or a prank. Belle is known across the school for her silent but deadly pranks. Silent but deadly, meaning that in preparation of said prank, know one knows where she is and what she is doing, until that prank is released. Typically, students steer clear of her. But, occasionally some would befriend her. Belle is attracted to normal-type pokemon, but has a soft spot for ghost-type.

Elective Classes: Breeder Class and Coordinator Class
Other (Misc. information)

Name: Kirlia
Nickname: Dove
Gender: Female
Pokemon Partner: No
Other: Dove is a carefree and loose pokemon. She loves to dance and twirl around Belle, and imitates her in contests.

Name: Wigglytuff
Nickname: Fluffy
Gender: Male
Pokemon Partner: Yes
Other: Fluffy is very frightening. He speaks in an upbeat tone, and dances in random outbursts; popping out of his pokeball and "busting a move". Fluffy is very strong and dangerous, and is vicious in battles, often defeating much larger foes by making himself appear even bigger by puffing himself up. He has feelings for Dove, and protects her in battles. Outside of battles, Fluffy is the friendliest mon you'll ever meet. He loves to make new friends, but most are scared of him and his freakish split personality. He's also in love with Enigma berries, and demands to be fed one every morning, lunch, snack, and dinner. o.O

Name: Cherubi
Nickname: Tammy
Gender: Female
Pokemon Partner: No
Other: A hyperactive Cherubi that loves to live in the massive tangle that is Belle's hair. >.<

There she ish.

Wigglytuff 614
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