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Default {RP} Affinity and Distortion

The world we know today has always had two planes of exsistance, though, we humans may think of it as life and death. No, they are the Ascended and Fallen planes. The Ascended plane is a realm where attempted homage and peace was created, the Fallen is where our world is contained.

The Ascended plane holds the Maelstrom, a broken landmass with oceans connecting them together, held up in the sky. Three factions led by three higher races created and kept the Maelstrom in order; The Gryphons of the earth, The Dragons of the air and the Leviathans of the water. There was no other faction to disturb the triangulated elements, until man started to develop emotions.

From emotions such as hate, fear, corruption, chaos, fire built is basis upon, and came to the Maelstrom causing havoc and destruction. The Gryphons were grounded and forced to take refuge either in forests far to thick to burn or even underground. The Leviathans knew nothing of Fire, and stayed clear from it. Only the Dragon's did something of it, and swallowed the flames for eternity since no other creature could handle the chaotic element and live. Still, the element grew out of control at times, so they used it offensively. Years after, the dragons became pyrokinetic, as well as their previous element, aerokinetic.

The gryphons who came out from the black ash shared aerokinetics with the dragons to ease their power responsibility, and became geokineti themselves. The leviathans that hid for so long developed a highly powered aquakinetic ability. However, having only one element under their control angered them, especially the lord of them all, Oruk.

Oruk confronted the dragons, who tried to state their case with the grypons as allies. Since the leviathans stood by all those years, they didn't attain anything from the Fire's wrath. Oruk saw the coming and the welcoming of the fourth faction anarchy to the Maelstrom, and went to an all out war with the factions of Air and Earth.

This war lasted for four centuries, and ended in total obliviation. With the leviathans declare on war and the duration of the battle, the dragons lost the pain of fire they tried so hard to fight against. All the hate, chaos and corruption left Fire, and became their own elements as they poured into the minds of Oruk and his fellow leviathans. Unlike all the living creatures in the Maelstrom, Oruk lived for much longer than any creature, even with new generations of soliders coming from all factions, and grew to abnormal sizes and power. He knew that he would not win the war in the Maelstrom where his power was weakened, and so, broke the sea from the land and sky, and destroyed the Maelstrom itself.

On the night, known as the 'Decension' everything fell from the Maelstrom, and almost all died. For another century, the Higher Races of each faction was lost, until their under races found them again. The dragons, resided in the desert, waiting for any sign of any other faction's exsistance, while the gryphons remained in the arctic and antarctic regions. The leviathans dwelled in the sea, where Oruk was discovered by a military navy squadron, and instantly destroyed by him.

He left one human alive, giving him a choice of life or death, then, upon the human's choice for life, Oruk gave the human the powers of Corruption and Chaos, knowing Hate and Fear would soon follow him. Oruk had to rebuild his strength in order to repeat his actions once more.

As the human came back in contact with people, all hell broke loose. Humans began to act in hostility, and creatures such as Lychans, Harpies, Druids and Shapeshifters all became victim to Oruk's magic. Once word spread around, the dragons moved across the seas in attempts to halt the infection from their blood enemies. Once news of the dragon's movement came to the gryphons from a falcon, they too, moved acoss the seas and land quickly to meet up with their allies.

Another century and a half passed, and now the humans are involved with the war.

As the only creature to naturally have the ability to learn pyrokinetics, and the flames abilities and actions changed depending on the flames colour, some dragons allow their power to be shared with the humans, though some prefer the abilities of a gryphon, the earth faction agreed to grant humans the ability to use their magic, and unlock the human's own. Onle by making an Affinite-pledge with the creature, and all creatures were limmited to how many humans could share magic with them. Very few could learn aquakinesis in the form of healing, not as it's intended use Oruk used it for. Oruk is now large enough to stretch halfway across the Atlantic ocean, and still grows.

The year is now 2879, the war is at an armistance, and the factions are known differently now. Oruk and his followers and victims come as the Faction of Distortion. The hopeful side is the Faction of Affinity.

Now who are you? And where do you begin?

-What I say goes, since I've been working on this story for a very long time.
-I can appoint other RPM's to help me, but I can also take them away too.
-Regular RP and Forum rules
-You can be any bloody thing you want, but no book, game or movie references when it comes to character creation. Example, you can't be a dragon from Eragon, or use magic from that book series. You can reference it in the RP, along with anything else, just not play anything from it. Vague similarities I'll let slip, but only little ones. The only thing I'm not allowing are aliens.
-Semi-literate, all posts al least a paragraph long.
-This is a mix of higher technology and magic, so using both is allowed. Using tech from other movies/books/games isn't allowed unless the tech idea is overused, for example, teleporters and giant mechas.
-Mild romance and you are allowed to swear, just don't over do it.
-Have fun and be respecful of others.
-After reading the story AND the rules, put 'Sabi is teh Dragon Master' at the top of your post. Putting it at the top of an asked reservation counts as well.


OOC: You're now free to post. Your first objective[Affinite objective] is to clear Lake Huron of Leviathans, Harpies and Hydra's. Lake Huron is one of the Great Lakes in Canada. If you want to know more, Google Earth it. Anyone who is Distortion is trying to defend it.

All those of the Affinite faction will have briefly met each other after meeting at the Facility. Where it is, I'm not entirely sure yet.

Hydra's will come after I post. I'd post now, but I'm not really supposed to be on at the moment...
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