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Default Re: The Pokemon Highschool [SU][Temp SU closing]

Name: Casey T. Wurtig

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Height and Weight: 5 foot 10, 100 lbs.

Casey is a skinny person, so thin that you could see his bones if he sucked in.
Not that he's underfed, he just doesn't eat much. He has thick, messy, dark brown hair that covers half of his dull blue eyes. The rest of his eyes have thin blue glasses over them, and he's can't make out detail without them. He's usually seen in T-shirts and pants that can zip into shorts.

Background Story/History:
Casey grew up loving Pokemon, making sure that every single Pokemon he saw was happy. His younger years were mostly spent at the Pokemon Daycare in Solaceon town, playing with the Pokemon. Casey has also always wanted to leave and care for new Pokemon. At 12, he got a Buizel that had been abandoned at the DayCare. He named her Marina and has succsesfully raised it into a Floatzel.
He got word of the High School through the Newspaper Building next door and quickly applied, seeing a chance to see the world.

Personality: Described as weird by most of the people he knows, he claims he is more Pokemon then human. If asked why, he'd point out that prefers to use his teeth more then his hands, and that he refuses to see that he's related to organisms who have caused pain in the world of Pokemon. He does have a dramatic flourish to him, and likes to be on stage.

Elective Classes: Coordinator Class, Breeders class

Other; Casey doesn't back down from a challenge

Pokemon: Floatzel
Nickname: Marina
Gender: Female
Other: She likes to show off
Partner Pokemon: Yes.

Pokemon: Persian
Nickname: Kile
Gender: Male
Other: Has a black hankerchief around his neck,

Pokemon: Ditto
Nickname: VaaVoo
Other: He is a bit lazy
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