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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Yes, that's right, your old nemisis is back >:)

Name: Linebeck ??? (last name unknown)
Age: 21
Good or Evil: Good
Personality: Linebeck is a real man of the seas. He's got a large ego, and he tends to be a bit of a coward, but when it comes down to it, there's no one better to have on your side. Linebeck owns a ship named after himself, and he's actually not a demon at all, but rather is in posession of some ancient artefacts.
History: Captain Linebeck is a sailor, through and through. Having sailed around the world a few times in his steamboat, the S.S. Linebeck, he's come into posession of a sizeable pile of treasures, most of which have magical properties. Linebeck carried with him an hourglass that prevents him from being killed by magic, known as the Phantom Hourglass (for what reason, he doesn't know), which must be recharged by being in the light of the sun. Other artefacts include a medium-length sword, an old-style pistol, a compas, and a magic map. Linebeck hates fighting, and often goes out of his way to avoid one.
Other: Captain Linebeck is somewhat famous as an adventurer and a treasure hunter.
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