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Default Hot Wheels World Race


Here you will race on highway 35. You have been sent a letter based on your ability driving a car. You will race on highway 35 to try to win 10 million dollar. You and your team of racers will race in tons of tracks and also different terrains. You will try to win with your team and fight hard. You will have to wear your team colors. In the beginning you will show up at the meeting spot. And they will talk about what you have to do to win the races. you may use as much cheap tricks as possible. In the end something bad will happen and all the teams will have to work together to save the world. Make sure you try you best and race hard. Please join and good luck.


The rules that are in bold are the most important.

1. No God modding
2. No Missiles or Guns its a race
3. No Perfect cars
4. No killer turbo thats gets you fron first to last
5. Follow regular roleplay rules
6. Follow rules 1-5
7. Be Creative and have fun


These are the teams you can be on. If your the first to sign up you can be team leader. And these are the teams.

Speed Freaks- Red

Road Rippers- blue

Track Stars- Yellow

Wild Catz- Green

Doom Riders- Purple

Sign up

Age- 14-30
Gender- boy or girl
Personality- short and sweet
Description- person how you look
Car- picture or a very good description
Team- the team your on
Team leader- if you joined first you can take a leadership role
Other- Put "Ready to race" to notify that you read the rules

Sign up Ex

Name- Rashad Middleton
Age- 16
Gender- boy
Personality- He is a determined kid. He will do anything to win the race. But he is very reckless. So he'll do alot of daring things.
Team- Road Rippers
Team Leader - I am leader of the Road Ripper
Other- Ready to Race

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