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Default Re: The Pokemon Highschool [SU][Temp SU closing]

Crystal Estrada



Height and Weight:
Height: 5'6 Weight: 109 lbs


Crystal's kimono is sky blue and dappled with the black outines of overlapping circles that form flowers. She wears Japanese-styled sandals. Crystal's eyes are a deep blue that seem to swirl, and her skin is tan and almost free of blemishes. She has long blond hair tht is pinned up, giving her the 'Japanese-Maiden' look.

Background Story/History:
Crystal was born in Snowpoint, Sinnoh, which is why she is so resistant to the cold. She was an accidental child because her mom 'got her tubes tied', but it went wrong. She was abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage. They took her in and where nice, but suddenly went bad for some reason after 10 years. Crystal was the only one who got up the nerve to protest to the constant beatings, and fled with other children-into the wilderness. It was cold, but no one died. They parted and set off on their own ways when she turned fourteen.

They had lived in a cave that they covered with pine needles to keep warm, and made a fire that didn't let out much smoke. They never lived in fear, though. The Pokemon in the forest were friendly, and she found a few Poke Balls. She caught a shiny Charmander, a Ponyta, and a shiny Vulpix, and trained them until they evolved. Crystal flew on her coal-black Charizard, Wind Song, to the high school after buying new clothes in a different town with the Poke she had found in the woods-which was a lot since people always dropped it, and since there were a lot of Meowth inhabiting the forest. Crystal enjoyed school and did surprisingly well, while never telling her past.

Crystal is nothing but a nature girl who loves to run barefoot-even in the snow without catching hypothermia- and can't resist swimming on a hot summer day. She loves to ride her shiny Charizard and Rapidash, and train with her shiny Ninetales. Crystal will draw on the power of nature at times when she is weak and needs to complete something, but only takes only what she needs. She is kind, but can have a bit of attitude sometimes. She is very thoughtful and intelligent, and can devise some of the most flawless plans. She is that one girl who will always help you up when you fall, and especially cheer you up when you're down. In serious and possibly life-threatening situations, she will stay calm-but serious- and work it all out. Crystal is occasionally mischevious, but likes to play around afterwards with her friends and Pokemon. When battling, Crystal will do a lot to keep her Pokemon from fainting-mainly because they mean a lot to her.

Elective Classes:
Coordinator and Breeding

Pokemon: Ninetales
Nickname: Silver
Gender: Male
Other: Shiny, knows a bunch of diverse moves from parents with extreme movesets.
Pokemon Partner: Yes

Pokemon: Rapidash
Nickname: Starlight
Gender: Female
Other: A white birthmark shaped like a four point star
Pokemon Partner: No

Pokemon: Charizard
Nickname: Wind Song
Gender: Female
Other: Shiny
Pokemon Partner: No

I changed a thing or two like my Partner Pokemon. Then I modified my Background and Personality by replacing the word 'Lucario' with 'shiny Ninetales'. When you write a 45k story for one you get attatched to them.

.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
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