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Default Re: The Pokemon Highschool

Here's mine, again! lol

Name: Ryuu Zephyr
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height/Weight: 5'7", 140 lbs.

Appearance: Ryuu has silvery hair, which he keeps spiked down, to hide his eyes. His eyes are also a silver, which is obviously strange. He generally stands in a slouched position, seems like he's zoned out, and doesn't like doing too many physical things. When he battles, however, he is always straight and alert. He always wears dark clothes, which seem to be worn or faded, but he wears a neclace with a Master Ball, which he never seems to use. He keeps all of his pokemon on his belt, which is always loose as well. He wears simple jeans and t-shirts, and a sweater that is torn in some places.

Backstory: Ryuu was born into an extremely rich family, his father being one of the highest members of Silph Co. Due to this, his parents never have time for him, have given him tons of money, and have always sent him to boarding schools, thinking money was enough to keep him happy. However, Ryuu never seemed to care much for school, despite his intelligence. Ryuu has always failed every class he has taken, in every school, despite the fact that he always aces tests and the Final Examinations. Ryuu has moved around so much he never kept any friends despite his Pokemon, which he considers to be his only friends.

Personality: Ryuu rarely talks, never seeking to make friends. He always seems to be relaxed and bored, yet he is always alert. Ryuu also never seems to smile, or have any expression on his face whatsoever, unless he is in a battle, where his face is set in determination. The only time Ryuu has ever been seen smiling was after a win, where he throws out all his Pokemon and thank them, always smiling when he does so. Ryuu has a love for battling, but, despite this, he will always forfiet a match if his Pokemon become severely injured. Ryuu also hates physical activities, and because of this, never liked Physical Education. Ryuu is always either reading a book of some sort, or thinking up new battle strategies. Ryuu also loves playing chess, and is a very good player.

Elective Classes: Battle Class and Field Class.
Other: Ryuu's dream is to become the strongest Pokemon trainer for one reason. Ryuu has always loved the Dragon-Type, and, because of this, has always admired Rayquaza. He dreams of one day meeting and battling Rayquaza and catching it with the Master Ball on his necklace, despite the fact that he could simply catch it. Ryuu has read all about Rayquaza from the legends, and knows almost every fact about it.


Pokemon: Tyranitar
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Other: Is completely black, except for the diamond shape on its stomach, which is pure red.
Pokemon Partner: No.

Pokemon: Charizard
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Other: Charizard was Ryuu's first Pokemon, when he got it as a Charmander.
Pokemon Partner: No.

Pokemon: Gardevoir
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Other: Gardevoir is completely loyal to Ryuu, as it is in its nature, but it's even more so.
Pokemon Partner: Yes.
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