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Default Re: The Pokemon Highschool

Name: Alice Blacklace

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height and Weight: 4' 7" and 98 lbs

Appearance: Alice has black hair that she has dyed through with thick stripes of blonde the reaches her chin and has grown out her bangs. She likes darker clothes, wearing a black tanktop and dark green shorts. She, oddly, has one eye that's blue and one that's a honey-like color that earn lots of stares most of the time, but she chooses to ignore this.

Background Story/History: Alice has never been accepted by anyone, including her own family. Her father is a scientist and rarely had time for her as a child, as her mom was busy with contests and teaching her older sister to compete. As a little kid, Alice spent most of her time holed up in her room, or teaching herself to play the family piano, not that her great playing attracted very much attention. When she caught her first pokemon, her Zangoose, Fenrir, she focused more on training him up and left the piano behind to hang outside. Since then, she has gotten quite good at battling and playing the piano--her only odd hobby.

Personality: Alice, not really ever being accepted by anyone her whole life, is extremely shy and quiet. Though she doesn't speak to people much, she pays a lot of attention to her classes and is quite smart-wich is why when she speaks, it's usually to answer a question. Alice is very nonviolent and chooses not to start fights other than pokemon battles. She makes an effort to stay away from people, and not to invade on anything, she's hoping to improve her people skills.

Elective Classes: Coordinator Class and Field Class

Other: She's hoping to find at least one good friend this year

Pokemon: Zangoose
Nickname: Fenrir
Gender: Male
Other: Overly protective of Alice, knowing her fragile balance with people well.
Pokemon Partner: Yes

Pokemon: Ninetails
Nickname: Yuna
Gender: Female
Other: She's curious, but very friendly

Pokemon: Glameow
Nickname: Alto
Gender: Male
Other: Alice's only real gift from her mother, this pokemon is truly dear to her. He usually has a red bow that hangs around his neck. This and he holds his tail unnaturally straight for a Glameow--this is due to several years of harsh training under Alce's mother, it doesn't go back to normal unless it is required.

Hey SAP, The principal's names are different, of am I missing something? In the intro it says Edward, but in the plot summary it says Maxie...

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