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Default Re: The Pokemon Highschool

Name: Suzaku Kururugi
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height and Weight: 5' 10" and about 145 lbs.
Well, pictures explains most of it, but Suzaku has a wonderful hazel colored eyeballs, and they dazzle most that he meets. He tries to keep clean as much as he can, and hopes his partner isn't a total pig.
Background Story/History: He comes from a long line of royalty, which gave him the money to attend, but he despises his step-father, which married Suzaku's mother for the money, while she doesn't realize a thing. But, while this is happening, Suzaku discovers the wonderful companionship of Pokemon, and realizes that his families use of them as maids ans servants is wrong. With this new knowledge, Suzaku comes here for a break from his new father, and wishes to make new friends, both human and Pokemon.
Personality: He's calm with a quick-tempered attitude, but can be a little towards the hyper side. He likes to hang out with friends and meet new people, especially from different places. And he stands up to those who always pick on the weak, which creates his short temper. He is also a little quick-minded, and can judge things a little too fast. But other than those minor features, he can be a great person to hang out with and enjoy.
Elective Classes: Battle Class and Field Class
Other: N/A

Pokemon: Riolu
Nickname Riku
Gender: Male
Other: He wears a special charm given to him as a sign of great friendship between him and Suzaku.
Pokemon Partner: Yes

Pokemon: Pikachu
Nickname: Lilly
Gender: Female
Other: Wears a Lilly wedged between her head and ear.
Pokemon Partner: No

Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Violet
Gender: Female
Other: N/A
Pokemon Partner: No

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