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Default The Pokemon Highschool [SU][RP is UP][NO MORE SPOTS!]

The Pokemon Highschool

~Introduction/Student Orientation~

Message to all students from Principal Edward of the Pokemon Highschool:
Welcome to Pokemon Highschool! I, Edward, am in charge, and glad to be involved, in such a wonderful high school as this one is. As students may know, the Pokemon High school is not a place to kick back and relax. The school has dorms right across from the school, and the dorm building is separated by gender and grade level. The dorms also have a training gym in the basement, one for each Pokemon type, and one for humans that has a pool in it as well, and there is a restaurant in the dorms central courtyard where students can eat for free. The school is meant to prepare trainers for the worst of occasions, such as a Legendary attack, a criminal organization attack, or preparing to take on the nearly invincible, and quite new, Elite 4 of the Hoenn region, where our school is located. Students take normal classes such as Math, English, History, Science, Gym, a lunch period, and can choose two electives from a list of four. We hope that all students enjoy their stay and will eventually become top material to enter our school’s alumni, where they can instantly be given a job directly from the school. Thank you, and have a safe year!

~Plot Summary~

Enter the Pokemon Highschool, a place of serenity and training for students who wish to extend their vacation beyond the likes of the Pokemon School. Located on the Lilycove coastline, of the Hoenn Region, students are close to many important and fun locations. Students can watch a contest, shop at the mall, go on a Safari, swim or fish in the ocean, or explore many other opportunities beyond the city limits. The school is home to many students who are training to become the greatest individuals in the world, or at least that is what they have been told. Principal Edward has plans beyond what these students know, and all the teachers seem to be involved, but one man, the teacher of the one of the classes, Battle Class, seems to distance himself from Edward. The climate of the Hoenn region has become strangely hotter, and scientists at the Weather Institute show no signs of studying the phenomenon. What has, or is happening to the Hoenn Region?


1) Please follow the rules of those in charge of the RP (currently SAP).
2) No forwarding time on your own.
3) No bunnying unless you are told to do so by one of those in the RP.
4) No god modding yourself to be as fast as a Cheetah, or can fly, etc.
5) Follow your character the way you described him/her in the SU
6) Romance is only at a PG-13 level.
7) Have fun, and please report any problems you have to me or in the Discussion Thread.
8) Pokemon cannot speak English/ cannot translate to English/ no telepathy unless a psychic type.


A lunch period
Study Hall

And 2 electives of your choice:

Battle Class – Learn to battle correctly, and the strength and weaknesses of Pokemon.
Breeder’s Class – Learn about proper breeding information, and how to gain a better understanding of Pokemon.
Coordinator Class – Learn to train Pokemon for Contests.
Field Class – Learn about fieldwork, Pokemon technology, Pokemon in the wild, and the mighty legendaries.

~Sign-Up Applications~

Fill out the form below, and you will most likely be accepted easier. We can only accept 5 males and 5 females.

Name: (Character’s first and last name)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (14-15, All Freshman)
Height and Weight: (Req. for RP)
Appearance: (4 to 6 lines minimum, or a picture and a line or 2)
Background Story/History: (4 to 6 lines)
Personality: (3 to 5 lines)
Elective Classes: (2 only please, in the list above)
Other (Misc. information)

~Pokemon Sign-Ups~

Max of 3 Pokemon, and you can have one Pokemon that can remain outside its PokeBall from that group of 3.

~Pokemon Sign-Up Form~

Pokemon: (No legends)
Nickname: (If any)
Gender: (Ditto is Genderless)
Other: (Accessories/Items)
Pokemon Partner: (Only 1)

~Reserved Members~

Caraa F

~RP Members~

SAP (Suzaku Kururugi) M
Riika (Alice Blacklace) F
Keiten (Ryuu Zephyr) M
Draco boy O (Rork Drakul) M
White Wolf of the Snow (Crystal Estrada) F
scalec (Casey T. Wurtig) M
SAP (Kallen Statdfield) F
Queenie Beanie (Kelsey Valentine) F
The Frozen Prince (Blane Walker) M

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