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Default Re: Love - Your opinons

In my opinion, love is somehing that none can live without. It doesn't have to be a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, but enough is having family and friends to spend the time with. I remember when my mother died of breast cancer, she's gone, but I still love her. I love my father, and my brother. If you have no love, you have no emotion, for love iss one of , in my opinion, one of the most basic needs in life. Love was what fought many black slaves to keep their existence, just to see their family again. Love is what keeps people up, when it looks like everything can go nowhere but down. Love is what kept me from falling into an abyss, love from myfriends, from my family, amnamating from evetryone close to me. One can not live without love, and in my opinion, no one should be forced to live without love.

In the short story by J.K. Rowling, the wizard with the hairy heart a man, seeing how love supposedly turned his friends weak, used dark magic to make it so he couldn't love. When his friends inquired, he eventually seeked out the most attractive woman in the land, not to ruin it for everybody, but when she refused to marry him for he could not love, fo he had no heart. Eventually, stricken with madness, he showed her his heart, locked away in a trunk for years, now shriveled, black and hairy. The lady, repulsed, tried to flee, but, well, I won't ruin it, but it eventually led to both of their downfall, a perfect example why one cannot live without love. Without love, one will go mad, and die.
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