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Default Re: Pink Leon's Parade! REQUSTS OPEN!!! x,3 request away!! *cuts ribbon* :D

I'm sorry to ask you, but is is black where the green is and red where the
red normally is (Ofcoarse I'll make it more crimson looking), with its left eye red, and it's
right eye blue...? Aaaand the left side of its head is a darker black (jet black)-- am I correct?
also, are we speaking of IT'S left or right, or our left or right, as we are facing it?
Anything else? I'll start when I know for sure. :)

Black where the green is

Red where the red and yellow is.

Left eye red, right eye blue

Left side of head around the eye is black (it's a shadow, for she was turned from shadow pokemon to her normal form, yeah, she's an RPG character!)

It's left side is the eye and shadow. Could you make the shadow stretch down to its shoulder and neck, but that's it? Thanks!!!

I can't wait to see her, could you have her left hand engulfed in shadow(like gastly's shadow) and her left one engulfed in a yellow glow? And have her look like she's fighting? Thanks sooooooo much!!!

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