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Default Re: Love - Your opinons

Originally Posted by Dialga12 View Post
do you have to post on every one -_-

people are suppose to express there fellings torward this not be rated by some guy who is such a critic
what do you mean? O_o

Originally Posted by Starkipraggy View Post
Love is an incredible driving force. This is the force that allows mothers to toss cars off their kids stuck underneath, that can cause people to go insane, that can change people in a matter of months or even mere minutes, and sometimes is the only motivation we have for going on in life. Love isn't all about sex, in fact sex is a subset of love, in the sense that you have sex to truly and wholly love your significant other. There's no real need to have your relationship approved because in the end what's going to carry this relationship through to the end is your love, and not the community's approval of your marriage. Love doesn't overcome all obstacles, but it sure as hell overcomes a crap load of them.
Nice. Though I can't help but wonder what obstacles it can't overcome...
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