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Smile Re: What is your Ruby/Sapphire Emerald Team?

All right, I'm taking everyone's advice and am NOT going to use Kyogre in the E4. I'll tell you about my success (or failure) in a few months.

*runs off to Lilycove Department Store to get Blizzard (I would take Ice Beam, but you can only get it in the Game Corner, which I suck at and costs way too much money.)*

Also, my Combusken evolved into a Blaziken last night! w00t! I didn't teach it Blaze Kick though, I prefer Overheat.

And by the way, if/when I get Blizzard, what move should I replace on my Azumarill? Or could I use some other Pokemon on my team? Thanks for your help.
Yeah, due to some family issues I've decided to leave the forums. Happy New Year everyone.
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