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Default Re: Pokemon Puzzles! Test your problem solving skills.

Negatory. Incorrect. Sorry, but not even close. Thanks for the heads up on those "Egg Moves" but they were a huge no-no. In the puzzle, i specifically wrote, "Naturally learnt moves". To elaborate on what i meant there, i will explain.

Moves learned specifically through levelling up. No Breeding moves, no egg moves. ok. Hint Link. This might help. Note the lack of "Metronome" in the levelling up move list.

Those trees are nothing dissimilar to the game.... and as we all know... those darn berries dont grow back in mere seconds my friends. wow... de-ja-vu.

To answer a question i saw earlier, yes Hank only has those four Pokemon. He's a very ill equipped pokemon trainer. Learn from his mistakes. Bad Hank.

Now this puzzle was concocted by myself over a year ago now, and i only just remembered the answer for it. It didnt take me long to recall it.

Good luck
by Kyo
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