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Default Re: Movie Reviews [Warning: Possible Spoilers]

The Unborn

Now, being a huge horror fan that I am. I told myself that I would never watch a horror film that was rated PG-13, because they all turn out the same...crap. The situation was that my girlfriend really wanted to see this so she dragged me along for this film. And boy was I right about this movie bombing.

The plot opens up like any other PG-13 horror film, a young girl who happens to find out something is horribly wrong. The thing that happens to her is that while in the uterus of her mother she killed her twin brother by having her umbilical chord wrapped around his throat and thus he seeks revenge on her.

This movie just tries way to hard to be scary. I mean I saw every thing coming, I never once jumped or even flinched at what I saw on screen. I would more likely compare this movie to a comedy film as I would horror, it's laughingly horrible. I mean a movie that has a haunted medicine cabinet? Really? That's supposed to be scary? The climax to this film is the worst part, I mean they throw everything they could possible thing that would be scary in the end. Dogs with upside down heads? Yeah, we got those. Demons? Yeah those to.

I mean I don't know how David S. Goyer who co-wrote The Dark Knight could write something this bad. You would think he would actually know what was good. What I also found funny was that Gary Oldman randomly appears in this movie at the end as a priest and just blows everyone out of the water. He's just such a far superior actor as compared to the young kids in this movie. One plus I will say about this movie is that Casey Beldon looks mighty fine in some underwear!

This movie gets a 1/5 from me. The title of the film is The Unborn and the movie should have stayed that way.

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