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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

"I'll do whatever I can to help him. I don't want to see him suffer." Yuri said as a small whimper met her ears.

"Someone's here. Perhaps the one you were howling with earlier." Yuri said glancing behind Nightfang at the two pokemon in the shadows.

"You go ahead and talk to them. I want to see if Bladestrike's ok." Yuri said as she turned and walked toward Bladestrike.

"Are you okay Bladestrike?" she asked when she noticed he had his scythes to his head. She couldn't tell if he was sleeping or in pain-or both. All she knew was that she would whatever she had to just to help him.

"Just shut up Paxson!" the shout hits Yuri's ears as she noticed Kirianna make her way toward Bladestrike and Paxson lay on the ground wincing in pain.
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D

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