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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Paxson the Linoone
Kirianna the Bellossom

As the Absaichu slowly revealed himself to the waiting group, it proved that Paxson's violent response and Kirianna's excitement for battle were unfounded and were going to go unrealized. For Paxson this was relieving, and he fell into his usual state of quiet observation. Kirianna was a bit more disappointed, but she hid it well. She figured with the various injuries people in the group were sporting, no one wanted to hear about her eagerness for a fight.

No one seemed to be paying them any special attention, and Paxson took advantage of the opportunity to follow up on the thing that had been nagging at him all night. "So, are you just afraid of other Pokemon or something?" he mocked, paraphrasing the same thing she had said to him just a little while earlier.

She shot him a nasty glare, but couldn't quite stop her eyes from flitting over to where Nightfang was talking to Yuri. Paxson's eyes narrowed critically, and she sighed in frustration. "I don't know what's wrong with me," she muttered darkly. "I just really don't want to be here."

"Have an unpleasant run in with a Poochyena at one point, did you?" he pressed, continuing to openly mock her. The mocking wasn't quite a desire - although it was rather pleasing - as much that he hoped that it would eventually lead to some answers.

Unfortunately, it backfired. "Just shut up, Paxson!" she shouted, and uncontrollably a purple powder fluttered from the flowers on her head towards him. He breathed it in with some surprise, immediately feeling the effects.

His knees buckled as he lost whatever the last thing he'd eaten on the ground. Wincing in obvious pain, he mumbled, "Did you... poison me?" before giving in to groans brought on from some severe stomach pain and a rampant fever.

"You deserved it for being such a jerk!" she shrieked, before stomping across the space just to get away from him. She wound up right in front of the Scyther, Bladestrike, who was on the ground with his eyes shut. Concern flickered through her eyes as she reached out gently to prod him in the side.

"Are you alright?" she asked, nervous that the answer would be no.
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