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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

After hearing the story Yuri understood why she didn't like remembering it.

"I had a bad run in with that Arcanine too." Yuri began. "One day an Arcanine came to the forest looking for pokemon to join his army and drive out the valley pokemon. If we didn't join we were killed. I wasn't in the area at that time so I made it out of that one." Yuri explained.

"Bladestrike is really frightened and he wants to know hat happened to him. I can't give him those answers. He seems really jumpy about all of us. He thinks we're going to hurt him for some reason." Yuri told the Mightyena exactly what she knew. Bladestrike was scarred because he couldn't remember.

"Do you think he'll ever get his memory back" Yuri asked Nightfang with hopeful eyes.
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