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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

"Your clan may certainly come here," Nightfang told Thunderclaw. "We were from the valley too, and we barely managed to get out..." she looked toward the mountains surrounding the valley and sighed. "We all need to get away from here," she announced. "Everyone. It'll be safer if we travel together, but for now we must rest."

Nightfang turned at the sound of Yuri's voice. "Talk to me?" she repeated. "Of course!" After seeing her talking to Bladestrike, she had a feeling that the scyther had something to do with this, but if she didn't have to talk to Bladestrike directly-it was fine. She walked over to the pikachu, thinking back to the day Bladestrike had driven the growlithe away, and then to what Arcanine had told him when he invaded the army, right before he gave the signal to attack. He had mentioned being driven away and that he would no longer agree to rationalize with the valley pokémon. A sudden thought struck her.

Did all this happen...because of what Bladestrike did?

Pushing it away from her mind, she decided to think about it later. She didn't want to voice her thoughts about it aloud-at least not yet. She looked at Yuri again as she realized she had been staring off into space. "Oh I'm sorry...what did you want to talk about?"

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