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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Thunderclaw visibly relaxed. He first addressed Torin. "I call myself Absaichu. My mom was an absol and my dad was a raichu." He then turned to look at Yuri. "Yes. My clan, the Absol Clan"-he let that sink it, as the clan itself was illusive but well known for their verocity. Actually, many tried to avoid them-"are a few minutes away. They need water and rest." He then realized he hadn't introduced himself.

"I'm Thunderclaw, deputy of the clan. Our former deputy, my mentor, was killed in the valley, and Brokenstar named me deputy." This would probably get surprised reactions-Brokenstar was actually the leader of the clan at least 14 years ago, so she was a rather old leader. He smiled as he remembered the rumors. Brokenstar, a violent, viscious leader who held her clan in order with an iron claw. None of that was true, of course. He still didn't know why.
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