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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

OOC: Wow, everyone met up really fast! I just had so much to do I couldn’t jump into this earlier…

Rockpaw the Espeon &
Sideswipe the Umbreon

Rockpaw whined yet again at the umbreon walking beside him about being hungry and thirsty, and she sighed again with weariness and sadness. Rockpaw definitely wasn’t getting better, he was still the same immature creature that wasn’t anything like the espeon had been before.

“I’m hungry and thirsty too.” Sideswipe answered, “We’ll find water soon…” and she hoped desperately that this was true, they hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since almost a week in the past. They needed rest also, something that neither of them had been lucky enough to get for a long time.

The umbreon yawned, and then there was a howl nearby. Both Rockpaw’s ears and hers perked up instantly, as she focused on the source of the howl, she noticed Rockpaw wince slightly and gently paw at his ear.

As the minutes passed, Rockpaw grew bored and laid down, “Come on, Sideswipe. It’s just some mightyena howling for help, nothing to concern us.”

And this became one of those rare moments where Rockpaw was somewhat like he had been before the attack, he stood back up and stretched, “Let’s try and sleep.” No way would a little pup talk of going to bed like that…

Sideswipe wondered if she should just agree with Rockpaw or think about helping whoever it was, but soon the decision was made for her as Rockpaw suddenly jumped up, “Let’s go see what they want!”

And he bounded off towards the sound, another howl went up and the espeon paused, “Hurry up!” Without another thought, Sideswipe started off, following him.
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