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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Chip heard warnings from Nightfang and Yuri, and called back. "Don't worry. It's not all that bad right now."

Hearing the confidence in her brother's voice always reassured Poppy. "He's a lot stronger than you'd think," she said, smiling proudly. Then, the Furret turned her attention back to where they were coming from. "Besides, I have a feeling..." Her voice became quiet as the unknown Pokemon finally stepped forward.

He walked up a little sheepishly. "S-sorry. I was just scoping everything out...I came searching for water and a place to rest for my clan, but I wasn't courageous enough to come out..." He stopped talking as he sat down, careful of his tail. Yuri went up to him almost immediately.

Torin looked at him confused though. "What kind of Pokemon are you?" The Pikachu then noticed the injured tail he was favoring. Glancing around at the other Pokemon, all the years around his dad began to kick in. "Guess I've got my work cut out for me," he said rolling his eyes a little.

Chip shoved him playfully. "Oh c'mon. You know you're glad you got to learn all that stuff."

Torin smiled and nodded. "I'll keep learning soon. Right after we find mum and dad."

His friend smiled again, ever the optimist. "Absolutely. But for now, let's get back to our new-found friend." He turned to the newcomer. "The name's Chip. I take it your clan was forced from the valley too?" The Furret narrowed his eyes, this was getting to be too much. I don't understand. Why do so many have to deal with this?
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