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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

"I am hurt. I...I don't know how this happened!" he cried out. Yuri noticed a wound on his head that was bleeding. He also had torn wings and a burn on his leg.

"I think it happened when that Arcanine's army attacked the village. I don't know all the details. Maybe you should ask Nightfang. She's know you longer than I have most likely and can tell you what happened. She won't hurt you I promise." Yuri smiled to the Scyther and then her ears perked up.

She turned her head and saw Chip and Torin disappear from the clearing. "What are they doing?" she asked herself. She was worried that Chip would get hurt even worse than he was now.

"At least give everyone a chance ok? Their not as bad as they seem." she smiled at Bladestrike one last tie before rejoining the others.

"I think he'll be ok." she said taking her place next to Nightfang and Paxson. "Where did that one Furret and Pikachu go? They could get hurt if this guy's an enemy."

The strange pokemon finally emerged from the shadows. He was a mix between and Absol and a Raichu. He didn't look harmful and after hearing what he said Yuri believed she could trust him. She carefully approached him.

"Hey its alright. Your from the valley aren't you?" she asked him softening her gaze.
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D

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