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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

"Bladestrike. Are you ok? You're not hurt are you?" Yuri asked as she came into view. Bladestrike turned to look at her, his eyes still wide and afraid. But it wasn't her he was afraid of-this time, she really sounded like she wanted to help, and Bladestrike knew that he needed help...needed to trust someone.

"Uh..." he replied shakily, slowly lifting the dull edge of his scythe to the side of his head. He lifted it down and stared at the blood running along the edge. He couldn't see the wound in his head as he wasn't near the water, but he glanced back at his tattered wings and burned leg. "I am hurt. I...I don't know how this happened!" he cried, his voice raising in panic. He immediately cringed as pain lanced through his skull.

From where she stood, Nightfang cast a sideways glance at Bladestrike. It almost frightened her to see him like this, and she found herself quickly glancing away, trying not to think of him. What happened to the courageous, strong, and calm friend she had once known? She didn't like thinking about what Bladestrike had become now.

Her attention quickly turned to Chip as he stood up. "Be careful," she warned him. "You're injured worse than I am...if this pokémon is dangerous...let me and Paxson handle it!"

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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