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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Poppy, Chip and Torin

So far seven other Pokemon had shown themselves near the little spring, six from the valley, each introducing themselves in turn. Nightfang seemed nice and the Scyther with her, Bladestrike, seemed like he was in some kind of distress. A Linoone named Paxson had appeared alongside the Bellossum Torin met shortly before a Dragonair called Kairyu landed. The only one not from the valley was the Pikachu who introduced herself as Yuri. While it seemed strange that an outsider had appeared in this barren place, it was comforting to think that there may be other friendly Pokemon out here. Poppy was nearly bursting from excitement. So many Pokemon had made it together.

Chip meanwhile, laid patiently waiting for Torin to finish as everyone introduced themselves. He was still a little feverish, but feeling much better since he had rested.

"That's probably because that was the problem. You got that nasty gash, then we ran all day." Torin said after Chip said it was not so bad anymore. He chuckled a little. "I guess it's a good thing we stopped here though since so many others have." He finished putting herbs on the wound in the Furret's side. "There, that'll stop infection. And you'll feel better pretty quick after resting too."

"Told you I'd be better before morning. You're just like your dad that way." Chip smiled as he sat up. Then he looked at the others. "Hey, what's going on?" The Pikachu shook his head, not knowing since he had been busy.

Poppy whispered next to him. "Yuri and Paxson think there's someone watching us nearby." She looked a little worried, never intent on a confrontation.

Her brother looked from one to the other. "So are we just gonna to sit and wait?" He stood up and walked out from under the rock overhang around the side. "Hey, if you're from the valley, I'm a friend. If not, then I'm one tough customer."

Torin watched him walk out into the open. "Chip! I just got done cleaning that wound!" The Pikachu bounded after his friend on all fours.

Watching them both disappear around the corner, Poppy sighed. "Why do they have to be so adventurous all the time?"
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