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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Yuri was almost as confused as Bladestrike. He was asking her so many questions that she just didn't know the answers to.

"Um..... Don't worry they won't hurt you. You all come from a valley though I don't know the details. I'm pretty sure all of them are from the valley like you. Their your friends. there is no reason to be scared of them." Yuri explained to the frightened Scyther.

"Uh...hello," said the Mightyena. "My name is Nightfang. Are you from the valley?"

"No I'm not....But don't worry I'm not with the army either." she replied.

Kairyu the Dragonair landed near them asking if they were from the valley. Then Yuri alerted them that they were being watched.Yuri watched as Paxson let out a snarl after she had alerted them all of their watcher. Yuri quickly raised her nose to the air and sniffed.

She pointed to the other side of the river and said, "Whoever it is I can smell them over there."

Yuri noticed how Kirianna looked excited for a battle. However, they didn't even know if who it was is an enemy.

"Don't attack. Whoever it is could be friendly. They may even be from your guy's valley." she said hoping that she was right. They were going to find out who this person was. One way or another.
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