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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Paxson the Linoone
Kirianna the Bellossom

Kirianna had managed, through subtle shuffling of her her feet, to take up a position that was still to the left of Paxson, but more importantly slightly behind him. This certainly didn't go unnoticed as far as Paxson was concerned and he fully intended on confronting her about it whenever they got the opportunity, but he felt that right at that moment was not the proper time. Still, every once in a while he shot her a questioning look, which she avoided either by averting her gaze at the last moment or - as happened once - focusing so intently on the Mightyena known as Nightfang that she didn't even register that he was looking at her.

Nightfang had introduced herself, assuring them that she had come from the Valley just like they had. The Pikachu - the one that wasn't shiny - had also introduced herself as Yuri. Between the jumble of introductions, a Dragonair landed on the scene, introducing herself as Kairyu. As far as Paxson could tell, the only person present who wasn't from the Valley was that Yuri girl.

For a little while Paxson, too, focused on the Mightyena trying to find out firsthand why Kiri found her so terrifying if she wouldn't explain herself. But, for the life of him, he couldn't find a single thing about her that anyone would consider so completely horrifying. If anything, Nightfang looked like Kirianna was creeping her out a little, or at least unnerving her. And with the way she was acting, Paxson could sympathize with that.

As for Paxson, he found that Scyther, Bladestrike, to be the most concerning out of all of them. The bug-type was all huddled up against a rock fairly separated from things, silent and bleeding all over the place. That in itself was a moderately disturbing image, but it also brought back some unpleasant memories of leaving the Valley - the mortally injured Pokemon lying in the grass or huddled against trees, waiting to bleed out or having those last moments stripped from them by ruthless attackers. The dead were just as common, maybe more so; staring at the Linoone with empty eyes as he sped by them all, fleeing...

Paxson shook his head in disgust. This was why he preferred not to surround himself with survivors from the Valley.

Paxson's tailed twitched slightly, followed by an instantaneous movement of his head, searching around where the Scyther was previously crowded against the rock - it seemed that while Paxson was reliving the last moments of his time in the valley, Bladestrike had moved to talk one of the Pikachu there. Kirianna managed to pick up on the subtle movement despite the preoccupation with Nightfang.

"What is it?" she whispered to him shakily. At the same time, Yuri asked out loud "Did you guys just hear something?"

A low, barely audible snarl rose in Paxson's throat as he angled himself more towards where he was now sure he had heard something.

"Paxson...?" Kirianna whispered. It seemed him that she was less panicked now than she had been a few seconds before, intimating to him that whatever this mystery sound was freaked her out less than Nightfang did. He made a mental note to find out her problem with the Pokemon, if he had to drag it out of her.

"I think someone might be watching us....But I'm not entirely sure..." Yuri said.

This time a full blown snarl ripped from the Linoone; his legs bent aggressively as his body angled downwards, the default offensive stances adopted by Linoone.

As for Kirianna, the excitement and mystery - and slight fear, even - cleared her head of the lingering Mightyena fears, if only for the moment. She turned, an old spark from her love of battling lighting her eyes. Not that she was sure there was even a need for battling at this point, but previous experience told her that it was always good to be ready.

I have nothing of interest to add to this, so I'll just leave a Pichu here.

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