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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Yuri watched the Scyther jump up in the air. She had obviously startled him. Blood began trickled from one of his wounds and he began trying to wipe it away.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you." she replied quickly.

"I'm Nightfang," the Mightyena said to her. "Me and Bladestrike, the Scyther, escaped from the valley and ended up here." Yuri watched as she lifted her paw from the water, noticing a deep gash running down it. "These Furret and the Pikachu are from the valley too." she added.

"Oh my....I heard about the army that attacked, but many pokemon in the forest just believed it was a rumor." Yuri sighed as she looked around. Quite a few of them were injured.

"Hi, I'm Kirianna. I know this must be.. kind of weird... but I've been looking around for other Valley Pokemon for a while..." a Bellossom stopped suddenly as she gazed fearfully at Nightfang.

"The name's Paxson," a Linoone appeared by her side.

"We're from the valley...we've been looking for others too..." Nightfang replied looking at the two but keeping her gaze on the terrified Bellossom. Yuri couldn't tell why Kirianna was so scared. Nightfang seemed nice enough.

"My name is Yuri. Nice to meet you." Yuri greeted the newcomers.
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