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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

This time, Nightfang was sure she heard a howl. "Wait a minute," she whispered to the furret, then lifted her head and gave another howl, hoping it would be enough for the other pokémon to find her.

Bladestrike huddled closer to the rock, shivering despite the heat. He had heard both of the howls. Feeling terrified, he curled up by the rock, closing his eyes tightly.

"Um... Hello there. My name is Yuri. Nice to meet you," he heard a pokémon say, and though the stranger was most likely greeting the pikachu, mightyena, and the two furret, he jumped up in surprise. Instantly dark blood began trickling down the side of his head, and using the dull side of his blade he tried to wipe it away-blood meant weakness, right? Weak enough to be attacked...

Trying to wipe the blood away didn't do much good-the wound just kept bleeding without any sign of stopping. Bladestrike gave up, and stayed huddled against the rock, wondering if he knew how to use his scythes in battle. He didn't think so...and he was too weak to put up much of a fight anyway.

Nightfang turned to look at Yuri, realizing quickly that she was friendly. "I'm Nightfang," she repeated for the newcomer. "Me and Bladestrike, the scyther, escaped from the valley and ended up here." She lifted her blood-soaked paw from the river, seeing that the cut was cleaner now. "These furret and the pikachu are from the valley too," she added.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Paxson and Kirianna appeared. "Hi, I'm Kirianna. I know this must be.. kind of weird... but I've been looking around for other Valley Pokemon for a while..." the bellossom said timidly. Nightfang realized that the bellossom was looking fearfully at her.

"The name's Paxson," the linoone stated, causing Nightfang to turn to him.

A bit unnerved about the way the bellossom seemed afraid of her, the mightyena replied, "We're from the valley...we've been looking for others too..."

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