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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Paxson the Linoone
Kirianna the Bellossom

"I'm gathering herbs. I have a friend who was hurt and running made him a little sick," the Pikachu replied, adding a final snap of herb to his bundle before making a move to leave. "These should stop any infec-"

He stopped suddenly, seemingly glancing up at a stony ledge above. Kirianna followed his gaze, seeing what looked to be a Scyther and the black tail of some other Pokemon she couldn't quite identify. When she glanced back at the Pikachu, it was already picking its way carefully back up the slope. Kirianna had assumed, looking up at the Scyther and the other mystery Pokemon, that they had been the friends the Pikachu had referred to. But judging from his abrupt departure, maybe that assumption had been made prematurely.

"Well?" an impatient voice growled from behind her, nearly making her jump out of her green skin. She whirled on Paxson furiously.

"Don't sneak up on me!" she spat. His cool blue eyes seemed unapologetic. She sighed and explained, "He said he had two friends who were injured, and that was why he was collecting the plants but... I don't think the two that I saw up there were the friends he was talking about."

Paxson shook his head. "They just showed up."

"How do you know?" she asked incredulously.

"I saw them as you charged headlong and heroically into discussion," the Linoone deadpanned. Kirianna frowned, shooting another glance at the ledge. "I think we should go up there and introduce ourselves. To everyone," she stated.

"Go ahead," Paxson replied flatly. "I'm out of here." Kirianna gaped at him as he turned in the exact opposite direction of the spring, cream-furred legs picking carefully along the rock strewn ground. "You're leaving?" she asked, shocked, and was only answered by one deliberate swipe of his long, brown-striped tail. "But that doesn't - that makes no sense!"

"Why not?" he called over his lean shoulder, still walking away. Kirianna, still mildly shocked, answered, "You have a better chance of surviving when you travel in groups, for one! Not to say that we'll necessarily travel with them - or that I'll travel with you - but-" she became flustered, crossing her arms over her chest huffily. "Are you just scared of other Pokemon, or something? I mean, you never would've said a word to me if I hadn't of heard you stalking me."

"You think I'm leaving because I'm scared?" he asked, sounding disdainful. But he did stop, turn around, and face her, if that meant anything.

"That's what I think, yes. Though I guess it makes sense," she started off, adopting an uninterested voice. Years of egging on the guys in the Valley to battle with her were serving her well, "If I'd been embarrassed by me the way you were embarrassed by me, I guess I'd want to stay on the less social side of things, too. You know, nurse my ego a little bit. I completely understand."

"You hardly embarrassed me," he scoffed. But he sounded at least a little heated, and that was all Kirianna needed to continue.

"You only remained standing because I took pity on you. One more hit and you would've been down for longer than you can imagine."

"That Stun Spore was a dirty trick."

"I could say the same about that Double Team. And if you really think you could beat me, then let's go again. I'm game for anything." For a moment Paxson looked like he was seriously considering it, glowering at her from about ten feet away. Then he turned around abruptly, continuing to walk in the opposite direction. "I don't need to prove myself to anyone, much less you."

Kirianna surveyed him for a moment before turning as well, beginning to ascend the incline towards the rocky ledge. For a moment or two she truly believed that he would be coming back, but she wasn't about to turn around and look, and he didn't show up next to her. A little disappointed, she kept on climbing upwards. After a couple of minutes she reached the top, stumbling across the shiny Pikachu and the Scyther she had observed from the ground. Also there were two Furret, one of which looked pretty severely injured, and another Pikachu that she really knew nothing about.

She began to introduce herself, saying "Hi, I'm Kirianna. I know this must be.. kind of weird... but I've been looking around for other Valley Pokemon for a while..." she trailed off, because that was when she saw the last Pokemon; the source of the black tail from earlier.

It was a Mightyena.

She managed to withhold a gasp, but couldn't help her eyes widening with some fear as she stumbled a step or two backwards. She fully believed she would have gone tumbling backwards down the slope if a soft something hadn't connected solidly with her back, serving as a support beam holding her up.

Sometime between introducing herself and seeing the Mightyena, Paxson had silently appeared at her side, going unnoticed by the Bellossom. It was his tail, thick and long, that she now all but leaned backwards upon; when he had seen her moving backwards, the tail had sort of snapped to the side, almost by reflex to hold her there. He examined her face inquisitively, muttering, "The name's Paxson," at the rest of the group without looking away from her. Kirianna wouldn't return his look, infinitely preferring to stare at the ground in front of her as mortification clashed with fear inside of her. She sneaked another glance at the Mightyena and the same fear washed over her as did the first time. She couldn't really rationalize it; all she knew was that she was glad Paxson was there with her.

I have nothing of interest to add to this, so I'll just leave a Pichu here.

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