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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Name: Xiac Kanoshi

Age: 18

Good or Evil: Good


Personality: Xiac is friendly and easy-going. He can make enemies as easily as he can make friends. He is funny and considers himself as a 'jester'. When his friends are hurt he will stop at nothing to protect them.

History: Xiac has been aware that there were demons and such all around him, but first found out when his parents died. They were hunters, good at what they did, but were killed when hunting. Xiac has always had a 'hole' in his heart since the 'incident'. He has always wanted revenge but keeps it hidden from others. He stays in his part of the area to protect the streets of his 'town' from the demons. He also has never met other hunters as he doesn't travel much.

Other: He carries a bō on him. Also I have never watched the series...

Name: Kenomo Arkasho

Age: 21

Good or Evil: Evil

Appearance: (Black guy on the right)

Personality: Kenomo is usually sadistic and usually enjoys to kill people. It is like he hungers for killing, death. He enjoys watching his prey and then to pounce on them. He also enjoys his prey to scream or beg for mercy before they're killed.

History: When the hunters believed that all the demons where gone, he had to laugh from the shadows. He's always hidden himself from the beginning. The hunters never noticed his killings. Kenomo had always thought, how can you catch a shadow? A shadow is not a physical object. He had killed many, but his tentacles destroyed the leftovers of the bodies. He enjoyed how the hunters were gullible enough to believe that all demons where gone.

Other: Very sadistic and his tentacles are very strong. He can move them in all sorts of directions at once.

These good enough?

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