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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Crystal and Starlight
The two paued, listened, and froze. Nothing. Crystal howled again, this time louder and deeper. She carried the howl for at least ten seconds then lowered her head. She began to move while waiting for a reply, trying to trace the first howl back to it's voicer.

Starlight plodded along silently behind, her ears flicking. Then wind shifted and the breeze blew Crystal's beautiful tails back into a streamlined position as the wind picked up. She picked up the very faint smell of water and Pokemon, and eagerly.

"I believe we're far away." Starlight pointed out. Crystal nodded, and sniffed the rocks, hoping to pick out a more distinct scent that could classify any species of Pokemon in this area. Only a vague scent of Ratatta, and an even stronger scent of blood, which she hasitly ignored. Discouraged, but more disappointed than discouraged, she trudged on, following the scent of clean water. As the made it to the base of the hill, Starlight saught out a patch of grass and ate.

Both lay down on the same patch of grass Starlight had been eating from, ears erect and listening.
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