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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Relief flooded through Nightfang as her beliefs were confirmed-these furret were from the valley. Not soon after, a pikachu appeared, and after hearing him say "our valley", the mightyena began to feel calmer. So there were others who had made it to safety after all.

"Hello Chip," Nightfang told the furret, dipping her head to him slightly. "I am Nightfang, and that scyther is Bladestrike." Bladestrike cast a puzzled look in her direction, and she sighed impatiently. "He's a little confused. Anyway, we managed to get out of the valley, and luckily without any fatal injuries..." she shuddered, remembering the other pokémon she had seen as she fled the valley, bleeding to death on the lush grass of a land that was once peaceful...

"Well.." she continued, driving the thoughts from her mind. "I'm not hurt bad...a few big scratches here and there and a cut on my paw, but I'm sure I'll be fine if I get them clean. Bladestrike's worse off."

The mightyena glanced at the herbs Torin was carrying, wondering if he would offer help to her as well. Turning away from them briefly, she dipped her bleeding paw in the stream, trying to clean the cut. "Bladestrike..." she told the scyther still crouching fearfully a little ways away. "It's fine, they're from the valley."

At this Bladestrike only stood up and walked away, out of Nightfang's sight. "He better not be running off again," she sighed, and with a look at the furret, she added, "he can't really remember who I am." She paused as she heard a distant howl from somewhere far off, or at least she thought she did. Unsure whether or not she had really heard something, she didn't know whether or not to reply.

Bladestrike was too exhausted for running. Once out of sight of the others, he lay down by a big rock, keeping his eyes on the place where the stream was in case any of the pokémon came near him. Seeing the two furret siblings had made him suddenly wish that there was someone who could help him...really help, not just force him to walk aimlessly, and someone he could help as those furret. They had seemed like nice pokémon-one of them had been helping the other and letting him rest. He wondered if they could give him more detail on what had happened.

Yet fear kept him where he was. He wasn't their kind-and he feared that if he got to close to him, they would attack. He didn't know what attacks furret used, but considering he didn't know if he knew enough about fighting to defend himself, he didn't want to take any chances.

While he lay by the rock, Bladestrike did not notice Thunderclaw nearby, as his gaze was focused on the stream where the other pokémon were, too preoccupied with wondering if maybe he should take his chances with talking to them to look anywhere else around him.

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