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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

(OOC: Guess I picked the spot. oO)


Torin was getting lucky. A few good herbs were growing here, but he was not entirely surprised since most were hardy plants anyway. The shiny Pikachu began to gather what he needed in his paws, breaking off pieces rather than destroy the whole plant. He paused for a moment, remembering that was something he learned from his dad. I've never known anyone to get the best of mum and dad. They got out. There's no way they'd let me get away with missing lunch anyway. Shaking his head, Torin half-grinned as he went back to his task, not noticing the grass-skirted Pokemon walk up to him until she spoke.

"Um... hey there." The Pikachu nearly dropped the small bundle he had collected. "I'm Kirianna and... I guess I was just wondering what you were doing."

He gave her a hard look. Her voice sounded confident, but something told him that she was nervous about meeting a stranger. "I'm gathering herbs. I have a friend who was hurt and running made him a little sick." Adding one last bit to the bundle in his arms, he turned to go, half-talking to himself. "These should stop any infec-" The Pikachu stopped mid-sentence. He was looking at the overhang a short distance up from the spring where a Mightyena and Scyther stood by the ledge. Slightly unsure what to make of them, he began jumping up the short slope, careful not to drop his herbs.

Chip and Poppy were dozing slightly when a scrabbling noise nearby woke them. Lifting her head Poppy was a bit startled when she saw a Scyther standing by the overhang. She lifted herself onto her paws, almost as soon as the Scyther noticed they were there. The larger Furret next to her noted the look of fear as the Pokemon began to back away.

"It's alright Poppy," he whispered. "I think he's scared."

Just then a Mightyena appeared next to the Bug Pokemon who jumped at her voice. " found water. And..." She looked at the Furret siblings, limping toward them. "You're from the valley, right?" she asked. "Are you all right."

Chip could hear his sister sigh with relief as the Mightyena called back to her friend. He tried to rise to meet the newcomers, but Poppy pressed him back down with a warning glance. Rolling his eyes in mock exasperation at her fussing over him, he was glad to hear a small titter from his sister.

The dark-colored Furret lifted his head up to introduce himself. "Yes, we're from the valley. I'm Chip, this is my sister Poppy. And we've been roughed up, but it's nothing that can't be fixed. There have been a lot worse casualties," he said, voice trailing off a bit. Hearing the other Furret sniff next to him, he quickly moved on. "What about you two? You're injured too."

At that moment Torin returned, carrying a small armful of plants. "What's going on?" he asked, eyes narrowing a bit at the strange Pokemon. The Pikachu's uneasiness began to fade when Chip told him they were from the valley. "Really? Cause I think I just met a Bellossum who's from our valley too. Kirianna."

Poppy nearly jumped up and down. "You met someone else? Where?"
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