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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Crystal and Starlight
Crystal stared down at Starlight, her Rapidash friend, beckoning with her head to hurry up the barren hill. The slopes were rocky and steep, so the shiny Ninetales had been ble to glide up the incline with hardly any trouble. Starlight, who's pure, white, four point star gleamed in the faint light, clambered up the loose rocks and small boulders.

"You... know I... am not good... with steep inclines!" Starlight gasped between pants. Crystal threw a sincere, apologetic gaze at her, and slowed her pace.

"What about downhill?" Crystal asked, her melodic voice strong and confident.

"I tumble more than I run."

"Fine. I'll go slow."

The two manuevered down the rocks, getting half-way before a familiar sound reached Crystal's ears. She stopped abruptly, her silver listening tools erect and tuning to the howl resounding across the land, in which faded away. It was not of her kind, but she waited a few seconds, then howled a melodic response that resembled a song.

Crystal waited, and Starlight's tail flicked as she stood still. The shiny Ninetales replayed the other's howl in her head before breaking a brief silence.

"It was a mix of a distress call and a call fo help," she declared.
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