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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Paxson the Linoone
Kirianna the Bellossom

Paxson laid low in the shrub; a grayish-green, sorry excuse for foliage when compared to the dense emerald beauty of nearly every bush in the Valley. It was weird how, when one left a place, they developed a mournful appreciation for every aspect of it. Even its plants. The Linoone's lengthy cream-colored tail twitched with every sound; the snap of a twig, the rustling of decaying leaves. The small splashes coming from the Pokemon he was so intently watching.

It was a Bellossom, no doubt about it. He was inclined to believe that it presented no threat; Bellossoms were hardly known for their capabilities in battle. Yet his ice blue eyes remained wary and distrustful, never leaving the back of the small green figure squatting next to the murky water of what could have passed as a grand-sized puddle; but, seeing as how there hadn't been any rain, was more likely a miserable little pond, being fed by rivulets of water than ran over the rocks originating at an unknown source.

The Bellossom stood up slowly, but remained as it was with its back facing him. His legs, longer than the average Linoone's, bent even closer to the ground than they already were, rubbing the smooth fur of his stomach against the thick waste of leaves that had been ensnared by the shrub's spindly branches. He almost ceased breathing altogether.

The Bellossom suddenly began to spin, it's bell-shaped skirt of green and yellow leaves lifting slightly with the centrifugal force of the turn. Shooting from the wavering skirt were several crescent-shaped leaves, flying at high velocity directly towards Paxson's position. His crouched legs started to move without him being consciously aware of it, the speed that was so known to Linoone's carrying him from his hideout before the ambush could harm him.

The Bellossom ceased her Razor Leaf attack, eying him with cool calculation as she raised her hands above her head. A sphere of bluish-green light appeared between her palms, quickly gaining in mass. She lowered her arms and methodically shoved her palms forward, the Energy Ball flying across the distance to Paxson. This time he did not run - sparks crackling along the fur on his back, he used Thunderbolt instead. The two attacks collided midair, filling the area with a sharp crack as they diffused. The Bellossom grimaced; Paxson smiled. He dashed forward, gaining speed with every step. About a foot from the Bellossom he pushed off the ground, gaining a final bit a velocity as he aimed directly for the Bellossom's midsection.

The Headbutt was spot-on, sending the Bellossom crashing to the ground about ten feet away. She heaved herself up off the rocky terrain, scowling in anger, before trying another Razor Leaf. After a moment, however, she paused. Surrounding her were about twenty Linoone, each one smirking directly at her. She turned around, almost picked one to attack, before turning to her left, then right, falling into indecision. Ingenuity struck, and an orange powder starting to flow freely from the crimson flowers on her head. The images of the Linoone frowned, but it was too late.

The Stun Spore had made contact, and suddenly there was only one Paxson again as his Double Team failed, shuddering with the sheer will to remain standing. His ice blue eyes shut in determination and suddenly reopened, eying the Bellossom defiantly as she approached. He noted the smooth grace of her movements, the way the leaf-skirt kicked back and forth with each step she took, getting closer and closer to him. He realized that she wasn't quite sure what to make of him; her expression was an odd mixture of curiosity and anxiety, interest and some fear. She got within a few inches of his prone form and examined him closely, then folded her arms over her green chest. "You're not one of them," she told him. It wasn't a question.

There was no need to ask about the "them" in her statement. That damned Arcanine's army was the only thing she could have been referring to. "Course not," he said with great effort, still trying to keep from falling over. That Stun Spore was pretty nasty stuff. "I take it you're a Valley girl, then?"

She hesitated, then laughed. The circumstances of this conversation, what with the battle for what may have meant her life (if he had been a soldier) preceding it and then the casual way it had started was fairly humorous. "Born and raised," she answered. She watched him for a few moments as his lithe limbs stopped shaking and remaining upright no longer seemed like a great challenge. "I'm Kirianna," she said simply.

"Paxson," he replied shortly. Silence reigned for the moment, then a soft, mournful howl pierced the air around them. Kirianna glanced about, looking futilely for the source. When she turned back to Paxson, her eyes seemed softer, her whole demeanor a little less whole. The battle had rejuvenated her, stirring feelings that had been dormant since the army's invasion - anger, excitement, thrill. The emptiness that she'd grown accustomed to since then was quickly returning. "Guess we're not the only ones around," she commented sadly.

Paxson shook his head; the paralyzing effects of the Stun Spore had mostly worn off, but he still felt pretty stiff. "There are Valley Pokemon all over the place. I was traveling with a larger group before but..." he trailed off for a moment, but held Kirianna's gaze with with those shockingly blue eyes. "It's too miserable," he said. "So many injured - some mortally so - and everyone's just all torn up over a person... or people... that they lost. And the extent of what they're doing is wandering, so there's really no advantage to it."

Kirianna eyed him enviously. "You were with a group and left? I've been searching everywhere for others! It gets so lonely being out here all by yourself."

He scoffed, "Better lonely than being surrounding by the dying and the ones wishing they were dead." A thick silence fell between them. Paxson turned suddenly towards the pathetic spring, tail twitching incessantly. "We have company," he stated shortly, before dashing off to take cover in the sickly shrubs, just like before. Kirianna, having both nowhere else to go and slightly alarmed by his reaction, followed him. From the bushes they observed what seemed to be an orange-looking Pikachu, running down to the water, dipping something in, and running off again. After a few moments it returned, repeating its previous actions and running off once more.

"Didn't you learn anything from creeping on me?" Kirianna asked him in a throaty whisper. Paxson replied with a small, mischievous smile, the first one she'd ever seen on his face.

"Never claimed to be the type to learn from my mistakes," he remarked. The smile disappeared as the Pikachu returned, beginning to rummage around through the plants near the spring. Kirianna exhaled testily.

"Well, I've had enough of this. I'm just going to go ask what he's doing," she declared, emerging from the hiding place and brushing off the skirt-like leaves.

"Kirianna, wait!" Paxson hissed after her, panicked. "What if he's not one of us?"

"I have a hunch. And you can call me Kiri, if you want," she sing-songed back to him. She began marching towards the Pikachu confidently, but by the time she came within speaking distance her strides had become a mere shuffle.

"Um... hey there," she started, injecting whatever confidence she now lacked into her voice, "I'm Kirianna and... I guess I was just wondering what you were doing."
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