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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

A multitude of pawsteps padded the harsh, lifeless ground, sending up small puffs of dust with every step. The creatures of the group, absol, resembled maneless lions with scythes curved to the side in wicked blades of deadliness. It was a small group, only with around 12 individuals or so, their ranks having been depleted by the sudden-and brutal-attack on the Valley. The leading creature's scythe was fractured in half, leaving it jagged...Although this wound had been inflicted years ago. A gash lay across its black gem, and various scratches and cuts stained its white pelt a deep red. The most serious wound was a deep slash on its front left leg, causing it to limp although the piercing red eyes showed no pain nor fear.

"Brokenstar, I...I don't think I can be deputy!" The younger, masculine voice was fraught with uncertainty, belonging to the odd absol padding up beside the older one. A long, lightning bolt tail dragged on the ground after him, his ears in a similar fashion. He lack the scythe, instead having an orange pelt, yellow electrical sacks on his grey muzzle, and brown fur on his paws. The other absol stopped, the group behind it sighing with relief and dropping down where they stood.

"Thunderclaw, you must. You were raised by my best friend and deputy. You have his skills. You have the abilities and strengths of a leader. Perhaps most of all, you possess the heart. I fear...I fear I will not be around much longer." The absaichu stared at Brokenstar, her feminine voice sounding slightly strained. When he opened his mouth to protest, her stern look silenced him before she laid down to rest, Absaichu only being left to stand aghast.

I can't lead this clan...I...I just can't...
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