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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Name: Trilby (real name Terrence Railby)

Age: 19 (actually mid-30's, but Lilith's magic "turned back the clock")

Good or Evil: Good hunter working for the British Government

Appearance: (or ask me if the link is broken)

Personality: He is a calm, collected individual who tends to be rational, maybe too rational. He has a tendency to under plan things

History: (From my fan-game) At the age of nineteen, He discovered that he had a knack of sneaking around undetected and with picking locks. He quickly became a "gentleman thief" whose trademark was the simple dark gray trilby hat he always wore. He was born an Anglican, but became an atheist after the death of his mother. That all changed when he was trapped in Defoe Manor in 1993 (Age 24)

(From the Defoe Series) What was thought to be a simple breaking and entering into Defoe Manor in the heart of England turned out to be a horrifying week he would never forget. He and a group of strangers were left to the mercy of a wraith. He and two other survivors managed to seal the wraith in it's old body and kill it, but that was only the beginning.

Trilby was caught two years later by Scotland Yard, but as part of a plea bargain, he began work for the Government, under the secret Ministry of Occultism, an elite group of hunters employed by the British. He quickly rose through the ranks, but slipped into a depression after the Clanbronwyn Incident, an event that made him slip into depression, but made him a believer in the supernatural.

Trilby was assigned to a case in the United Sates, to hunt down the demon Lilith. When he state-side, he quickly found Lilith, but she had the upper hand. She knew he was coming, and with him in her grasps, she put a curse on him that would change his life forever.

Other: No one knows his real name, so he tends to use it as an undercover name. The Clanbronwyn Incident happened in 1997. The wraith, who he named John Defoe, was actually part of a greater plan created by an extremely evil entity known as a pain elemental (Chzo). Because he assisted him unknowingly, he feels like the pain and suffering people suffer is somehow his fault.
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