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Default Re: DA 2: Peaceful Chaos [SU; In need of a few evil people]

I`ve got one more SU...

Name: Cyan

Age: 14

Gender: female

Personality: Cyan is quite negative towards the world. She doesn`t really value her life that much, and would freely sacrifice herself if it was necessary. Also, she can seem anti-social and even cold, but the truth is, Cyan just doesn`t trust many people. As a result, she doesn`t have many friends or recent positive experiences with others. She is normally accompanied by books and reads quite a bit. Despite the fact, Cyan doesn’t really stand out in intelligence or understanding. In fact, she really doesn`t stand out in anything expect her negative ways. Her real talent lays in writing, although, Cyan thinks she`s an awful writer. Despite that, she keeps at it!

Cyan isn`t all gloom and doom. She is actually quite nice and gentle, if you get to know her. At the moment, only her small team of Pokémon gets to see her sunnier side. She is also sensitive, but rarely let`s others see this in her. Some may say this is why she avoids battles and treats her Pokémon more like people than other trainers. Strange, seeing how she joined Magma. In fact, Cyan had a huge misconception of them and is now realizing her mistake. She`s considering leaving, but doesn`t know where to go!

Appearance: Cyan stands at five feet three and is slightly chubby for her age. Her straight dark brown (almost black) hair goes down to about her elbows and it kind of makes her cyan eyes look lost. Her teal sleeveless top goes to below her waistline, where her high rise dark blue jeans take over. Cyan’s shoes are canvass and navy in color. She also wears a large indigo backpack and a cyan headband. Also, she wears small glasses with a navy frame as Cyan is nearly blind with them off. When training or battling, blue sweatbands can be found on both of the girl’s hands. Sometimes, if in colder weather, she wears a thick navy sweater with a cyan scarf.

When it comes to her uniform, Cyan wears the male version. Skirts don`t get along with her very well.

Alliance: Magma

Status: Adversary, but this might change

Skitty, female, Kittie
Taillow, female, Windy
Aron, male, Ron
Shuppet, female, Luna

History: Cyan used to be a happy, carefree little girl. She had lived with her aunt, as her parents died when she was very young. This never affected her, as her aunt made a great parent. This lasted until Cyan turned eight, when her aunt got a boyfriend. He acted nice in front of his girl, but in private, he hated Cyan. He`d tell her she was useless, ugly and stupid. This went on for three years, when the man and her aunt got married. Later that year, he beat her up, causing Cyan to run away. She joined up with Magma having no other real options.

Other: Cyan HATES to be touched in any way, by anybody! In fact, she`s scared of it!

RAWR!...Sigh, silly Dialga

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